Experience & Expertise

2017 -  PRESENT


Self taught Artist, I work with a range of mediums and materials. I like to experiment with new techniques and push myself as an Artist. My work draws inspiration from the seas, I consider myself to be an Abstract Painter as it allows each individual to see what they wish within.

2013 -  PRESENT


Completing a Degree in Landscape Architecture back in 2017, I have always been in a creative mindset. I have created a small-scale bespoke business with 'James Grove Design' but Im always working on different forms of design such as Graphic, UX / UI. Currently I'm learning Coding.

2019 -  PRESENT


I like to volunteer my time at my local plant nursery, where we work in small teams propagating trimmings, and cleaning plants of funguses and other infections. I really like the opportunity to learn more about our local flora systems.